aise self-esteem

How to raise self-esteem?

Adequate self-esteem is not about selfishness when you see no one except your own person, but about love and respect for yourself, the position of an active screenwriter of your own life, lack of self-pity and an open view of the world. Low self-esteem is the cause of dissatisfaction with life, a bad mood and the inability to achieve your goals.

How often do we doubt ourselves, saying that we are not worthy of big money, warm relationships, and good work? We turn down promotions because we don’t believe in ourselves. We stay in toxic relationships that drag us down. Why? The reason is low self-esteem. Here is what you need to do to improve your attitude towards yourself, get rid of the fears and blocks that prevent you from living a full life.

Realize your talent, purpose, uniqueness

Realize your talent, purpose, uniqueness

No matter how trite it may sound, this is precisely the basis of the foundations of human homo-sapiens. If you only knew that all roads lead to our hidden potential, which is stored inside of us from birth! And we suffer at work and do not think about the fact that it is necessary to enjoy the process, and not the result. Perhaps you are talented at placing bets. Check the 22Bet Login button and find different games. Maybe you will feel happier.

Get rid of resentment towards parents and everyone around

Grievances pull into the past and do not allow them to be realized in the present. They destroy from the inside, corroding tissues in the literal sense. Resentment is destructive, period. But it’s easy to say get rid of it, much harder to do. To do this, you need to know and understand the nature of resentment and make comprehensive studies, after which there will be no resentment from the word at all.  

Write a complete list of your accomplishments

list of your accomplishments

This is necessary in order to visually see how much you have progressed in your life. We often feel that our actions are insignificant, do not deserve recognition, and are generally of no interest to anyone. But that’s not the case at all. Learned to drive a car? This is a huge achievement. Mastered the work in a new computer program? And this is also something you can be proud of. At first, making such a list is very difficult, but once you start making it, you will no longer want to stop there.

Love yourself

Raise yourself from the ashes, become self-sufficient, and increase your self-worth, which is a synonym for self-esteem. In Soviet society, loving yourself meant being selfish. And all sorts of narcissism or stories of “live for yourself” ended in public condemnation, and censure. And as a result, we still live like this – for others, because for ourselves, in our head, everything is labelled “PROHIBITED”. But our body still makes itself felt, usually through illness. And then we already show our love for ourselves through medicines. “If you don’t want to love yourself in a good way, then it will be in a bad way,” our body says.

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