signs of depression

Four signs of depression you should not ignore

Listlessness and listlessness are familiar signs of depression. But there are also noticeable signals you should watch out for. First and foremost, there are different forms of depression. There are people who look positive in depression. Some sufferers still function so well in public and even at home that their suffering goes unnoticed. In any case, it is important that depression is recognized and treated.  

Your habits have changed

habits have changed

Maybe you used to sleep well – now you don’t. Maybe six hours of sleep used to be enough for you, but now you sleep through the weekend. Changes in sleep patterns can be a sign of depression. It is also important to look at your nutrition and eating habits. Do you no longer have an appetite or do you eat much more than before? 

You tend to escape from reality

Escapism behaviour can also be the sign of depression. It means that you tend to escape from reality to a fantasy world. The Fantasy world can be a world of films, soap operas, video games, casino games Casino Bizzo or other similar gambling plattforms, and books. However, it can be any exciting activity you like and practise instead of solving actual problems of facing reality.

You can hardly concentrate on different things

concentrate on different things

Altered cognitive abilities can also be an indication of a depressive illness – for example, if you have difficulty concentrating on television or on a book for half an hour. Hidden signs of depression can also include slowed thinking as well as forgetfulness and difficulty making decisions. 

You have physical complaints

Headaches, digestive problems, back pain: depression can also cause physical symptoms. Some people only go to the doctor to have their pain treated – and never receive a diagnosis of depression.

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