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Basic strategy of the online bingo game: choice of casino and cards for the game

The outcome of the bingo game depends on many factors. Of course, the player cannot influence the result of the random number generator, but other factors that increase or decrease the chances of winning can be influenced.

Risking real money in online bingo in the first place, it is always necessary to observe two main rules:

Basic bingo
  • First of all, pay close attention to the choice of online casino to play bingo. It is necessary to choose the casino where the payout indicator is higher. For online bingo game the payout indicator can be varied from 60 to 90%, correspondingly, it is necessary to choose the casino with the maximum indicator. Naturally, the payout is not the information about the casino that can be found in open access. Luckily, there are many indexes and studies of online casinos in which, in addition to other information about the gambling house, you can find information about the percentages of payments. By the way, the record prize for today is the Microgaming online bingo progressive jackpot win in size of £5.8 million.
  • Second, try to participate in games where the number of participants is minimal. On the sites of online casinos, as a rule, the starting time of the next bingo draw and the number of draw participants are always indicated. Correspondingly, the less you have competitors, the more profitable it is to play online bingo.
  • And finally, the third factor, but not less important is- try to acquire for the bingo game as many cards as possible. This rule is very simple, the more cards you draw, the higher the chance that at least one of them will eventually win.

How to determine the chances of winning in online bingo

Basic strategy of the online bingo

It is impossible to calculate with mathematical precision the chances that this or that card for the bingo game will be a winner because the result of the online bingo game depends exclusively on the generator of random numbers. In addition, the chances of winning depend on the number of cards drawn for the bingo game by you and the number of cards of other game participants. The main rule for a rough determination of your winning chances in online bingo is as follows:

The smaller the number of participants in the bingo draw, the higher the chances of you winning the prize. This correlation is quite logical, the smaller the number of people who claim the jackpot, the higher the chance of your winning.

The higher the number of cards participating in the game, the higher the chance of winning. For example, let’s examine the following situation:

Suppose you participate in the bingo draw with the total number of participants equal to 100.

Let’s admit that each of the participants has acquired 4 cards, in such a way that 400 cards participate in the bingo draw.

You acquire not 4 cards, but 20, that is 5 times more than other players.

Now there are 420 cards in the game and thus your chances of winning in the actual bingo draw are 20 out of 420 or about 4.8%. And other players’ chances of winning are only 4 out of 420, less than 1%. In addition to the player in online bingo almost nothing depends, when buying one or a few cards for bingo you just have to wait for the results and guess if the numbers on the card coincide with the numbers dropped. For this reason there is no strategy to play bingo in the online casino. However, there are a number of recommendations by following which you can increase your chances of winning.

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