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Strategy for choosing numbers in keno

The very principle of the game of keno is very simple: the player marks on his ticket for the game of keno a certain number of numbers and receives a prize, if one or more numbers marked by him coincide with the fallen ones.

The main recommendation is not to choose too large a number of numbers. The common strategy of the game of keno is to choose at most five-six numbers, since the chances of winning are reduced with each following number chosen by you. Gamblers often cannot resist the temptation and choose at the same time ten or more numbers, because they are sure that in this way the chances of winning are increased, because at least one of these ten numbers must fall. Actually, in case of choosing five-six numbers, the chances of winning are maximum.

It is necessary to choose no more than five-six numbers for one more reason: in online casinos, payouts directly depend on the amount of the chosen numbers. For example, in many casinos the following payout order is practiced: if you have chosen six numbers, the minimum number of matches to win is 3 (that is, 3 matched numbers), but if you have chosen, for example, ten or more this it means that the minimum number of matches is already equal to 5. Thus it is evident that the chances of winning are reduced with each following number dialed.

Playing online keno, choose a certain series of numbers, that is, the numbers that follow one after another. And it is mandatory to watch if the numbers fall in any certain series, although fair play is guaranteed in large online casinos, not all “second category” casinos can guarantee the same.

Keno game strategy for beginners


If all you know about playing keno at an online casino is the basic rules of the game, when betting real money on keno, always follow these recommendations:

Play at the casino with maximum payout rate. This index represents the relationship between the total sum of money received by the player and the value of the bets made by the player. In online casinos it can be varied from 95% to 98%, and the higher this rate, the more profitable it is for the player to spend his money in this casino. Naturally, online casinos do not transfer important financial indices to their players so simply, but it is always possible to clarify the payout of the separate casino when calculating surveys and popularity ratings.

Train yourself at the online casino before putting down any real money. In most online casinos there are browser versions, free versions of the most popular games and this in turn is the perfect opportunity to practice keno before spending your own money. By means of this variant you can at least check whether your strategy for the game of keno works.

Choose the “all purpose” variants of the game

keno strategy

One of the advantages of playing keno in the online casino is that there is an opportunity to play for the same “ticket” not once, but several times (more often five times). In other words, you once pick a few numbers and then watch not one, but all five draws. The best result is paid, for example, if in the first draw 2 numbers have coincided, and in the second 5 numbers, you receive the prize for 5 coincidences.

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