Samba Bingo review

Samba Bingo

Unfortunately the game is available in English, but with our tips, you certainly won’t have any difficulty in enjoying all the features that it offers.

This game is present in the best casinos in the world and is conquering more and more players. The volatility is medium, which means that the prizes are constant and vary a lot in value.

Therefore, the Samba Bingo is recommended for conservative or bold players as the bingo has only 60 balls that are divided between 4 cards with 15 numbers each. Initially, 30 balls are drawn.

As the numbers are not repeated between the cards, you play with all of them, but in different tickets. Furthermore, the game has 12 prize sequences.

The winnings of Samba Bingo can be up to 20,000 times the amount bet per card. This happens when you complete the whole card with up to 30 balls. If you use one or more extra balls, the prize for a full card is 1,500 times the bet per card.

But the biggest advantage is that you can play this video bingo for free at Blog so you can prepare yourself until you are ready to play for real money in one of the casinos we recommend.

How to play Samba Bingo

Samba Bingo

The first thing you have to do to play Samba Bingo is to set your bet amount in the +/- options of the “STAKE” field. The stake ranges from $0,10 up to $5,00. In other words, this is a game that allows high and low bets.

Now, select the number of cards you wish to play by clicking on the +/- choice attached to the “CARDS” box. You can play up to four cards at the same time and the scoring is automatic.

The bet amount will be multiplied by the number of active cards you have selected.

After the first draw you can buy extra balls in case you are just a number away from getting a winning combination out of the 12 ways of winning Samba Bingo.

But don’t worry, only with this tutorial you can play Samba Bingo smoothly. Besides, you can play for free at Blog for added security before you risk real money in an online casino.

Samba Bingo theme, design and graphics

The theme of Samba Bingo, obviously, is the samba rhythm. Although the theme is not very prominent, the title alone attracts the attention of the players.

The relation is rather discrete, it is only represented by the sound of some samba instruments when some event takes place in the game. Nothing that makes the game not fun.

The design of the game shows the quality of Microgaming products. The buttons and numbers have an adequate size, even for smaller mobile devices. So you won’t have any trouble playing on your mobile phone.

The bright colours catch the user’s eye from the very first moment. The graphics are high resolution and made to please the user’s eyesight. It has a contrast reminiscent of the best carnival parades.

How to win at Samba Bingo


Winning at Samba Bingo is not that difficult, as it is a medium volatility machine. However, the prize does not always compensate for the amount of the bet. Therefore, you have to be careful.

Start your bets with a low amount so that you can test the systematics of the video bingo payout. Doing so, you will have a greater control over the returns of the game.

As you get used to Samba Bingo, you can gradually increase the amount you bet. However, it is important that you always bet with four cards to make sure that you will hit all the numbers drawn.

It is always a good business to play for free before you play for real money. This way you’ll be more secure when playing for real. You can do this here at Blog with no registration required.

Be very careful with the extra balls, they will be offered on practically every spin. However, the value of each ball may not compensate for the prize you’re about to win.

To make things easier, the missing numbers to complete a winning combination are highlighted in yellow. The more numbers highlighted, the better your chances are, however, the higher the price of the extra ball.

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